Slashing Early Education

Since 2008, California’s Child Care and Development system has endured multiple years of devastating cuts, a loss of over $883 million dollars and the elimination of over 107,262 child care slots.

Research has proven that for every $1 spent on child care, $3 goes back into the local economy. This says that California has lost $2.6 billion in the last five years in local economy spending, due to childcare cuts alone.

In California, we are now in the final days of the decision-making process. The state is considering eliminating another 29,000 child care slots on top of the 107,262 already lost over the last five years.

After decades of empirical evidence and observance, we know that the key to employment success of the poorest people in our society is stable access to quality child care. Eliminating this possibility puts all those working parents back onto welfare. They need to stay home to watch their children. Some of the child care providers losing this business will be shutting down, creating more unemployment.

California will still be spending the welfare money. Only it will be spent to support the poor while parents sit at home watching children watch TV. Before, it was spent on quality education at child care providers.

Moralizing that the parents should not have had the children in the first place does not solve the problem; it simply points out the obvious downward spiral. The less educated a society is, the less able it is to take care of itself. Not educating the children of our poor grooms them for the welfare rolls and, worse, prisons, later.

California’s and America’s way out of debt and unemployment starts with education.

Letting Mark Zuckerberg keep more of his money does not create a single additional job for California’s working poor. I believe his tax rate should be just as high as mine.

What Can You Do?

  • Call the Governor and voice your opinion!
  • Call your State Assemblyman and Senator!
  • VOTE – research shows that the poorest of the poor in our society, who are drastically and dramatically affected by our political decisions, do not vote. Here I go again: Education!