California Winds

Last Tuesday we had high winds in Southern California. Blue sky. 40-mile-per-hour winds. At one point we heard a loud banging outside and we found that the wind had torn off a section of the shingles on our roof and they were bouncing around on the roof and flying around the neighborhood. A section of our roof shingles was gone. It also blew over some fences in the area. The wind kept going for about 24 hours.

Yesterday afternoon I went for a quick hike up the Daley Ranch trail when I saw that the sign had been blown over.

You might remember this sign from a previous post about hiking Stanley Peak. Here it is again:

The wind on Tuesday obviously was strong enough to topple these posts.

Here is one of the posts broken off. I put down a banana for scale. I also measured them. They are 14 inches (35 cm) in diameter., and they snapped like a match.

Here is am, posing one more time with the sign. Will it be put back up?

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