Thoughts on the Electoral College – in Forbes Magazine

I don’t always agree with Steve Forbes, but I usually read his Fact & Comment column in Forbes Magazine. This time I could not agree more.

I tried to find an online link, but oddly, I could not. Forbes does a very poor job opening its online presence to search engines. Maybe that’s on purpose, to get us to buy the hardcopy magazine? So I scanned the pages and published them here in PDF form.

This article is about the U.S. election system and particularly the electoral college, which is often under attack these days. It is particularly designed by the founders of our nation to be a dampener on public opinion. The founders didn’t want any old crazy political fad or outrageous politician to take over the presidency. Without the electoral college, it would not be inconceivable that a porn star could win, or a movie star, or a reality TV real estate salesman.

I do not want to minimize Steve Forbes’ article by retelling it here in this post, but I really think you should read it before you make up your mind about the electoral college. There is a lot of wisdom in it, and it keeps us from having the problem of needed awkward political coalitions like they have in Germany and many other modern countries.

Here is a link to the article.

How to Save US Politics – Steve Forbes – Forbes Magazine March 2020

I have a hardcopy subscription to Forbes, and I have had it pretty much my entire adult life. I like to read my magazines in hardcopy. Forbes has always been worth it.

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