Why is DeVos Good for America?

Please help me understand!

The U.S. Senate just confirmed 51 – 50 the nominee Betsy DeVos for the position of Secretary of Education.

DeVos appears to have little knowledge of our educational system. She has never taught, has no education in “education” and is in fact an outspoken critic of the very system and institution she is now assigned to lead and run.

I understand that not everything our president does is going to be popular with everyone. But DeVos for this position is just so very wrong. How can 50 senators not recognize that? Are all 50 senators willing to sacrifice the education of an entire generation of children just to gain political favors?

It is baffling to me.

Can somebody, please, explain to me why Betsy DeVos should be Secretary of Education?


4 thoughts on “Why is DeVos Good for America?

  1. Because she has a lot of money and knows how to bribe? Because she tells Donnie she loves and admires him? Because she’s bored?

    No idea. Ditto everything about this administration, its choices, its short-sightedness, its meanness. Maybe it is just greed and fear on their part (their families may have been threatened).

    It is all now the stuff of nightmares.

    1. I’d like to hear what Trump supporters have to say. Did they sign up for THIS? Seriously? And then an overt, life-long racist, who called black aides “boy” gets to be Attorney General? How can they expect us to show them any respect?

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