Why I Can’t Vote for Trump – Take 20

Because he doesn’t take responsibility for his failures.

When something isn’t going right, he blames others. He blames Bill Clinton when his lewd language and misogyny is exposed. He blames a vast conspiracy when he falls in the polls. He resorts to bankruptcy when his businesses are not going well.

I bought a property in 2004, that lost 60% of its value in the crash of 2007. I have hung on for nine years now, making payments every month and losing money every month. The property still has not reached 100% of what I paid for it twelve years ago. But I pay, because I promised a bank with my signature twelve years ago that I would pay.

Trump’s advice is to walk away when things get tough. We, the public, pay for his failures.

By the way, that’s exactly what Hitler did. When he saw he was losing the war, he actually had the audacity to state that obviously the German people weren’t committed enough to win and they deserved it. Then he implemented a scorched earth strategy that devastated the country and placed misery on the German people for years after the war. After he put a bullet through his head in 1945, it took the country most of a decade to get back on its feet. Everyone lived in misery, many died of hunger and cold, even after the war.

This is what happens when leaders fail and do not take responsibility.

Trump shows me with every action and statement that he is not a leader, he is a usurper.

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