Book Review: The Spaceship Next Door – by Gene Doucette

Spaceship Next DoorI picked this book up on a whim probably due to the title. I read the sample and liked the style of the writer. He does good descriptions and reasonable dialog, and things sound real. The story plays in a small town in Northern Massachusetts, and it has a Stephen King-esque quality to it.

However, Doucette is no Stephen King. He is a bit wordy and sometimes spends pages describing details that have no bearing on the story. For instance, at one point, he describes all the various ways the protagonist can drive home, as if there was some important fact embedded in there. When I eventually realized there wasn’t, I felt that the author had wasted my time. He could take away 50% of this book and lose nothing.

So, in the end, it’s a boring, tedious read, because not too much happens that is interesting. At about the 40% mark zombies started showing up. So that’s what I was reading all this trivial stuff for? Zombies?

That’s the point where I abandoned the book. I read some of the Amazon reviews and they convinced me that it’s not worth my time continuing.

No rating – since I didn’t finish the book.

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