Sex Sells, Even by Accident

About two years ago I was sitting in front of the TV late at night, home alone, browsing for a movie to watch. I came across The Tin Drum, a 1979 German movie, made after Günter Grass’ allegorical novel, Die Blechtrommel. I thought it would be cool to watch a foreign movie without having to read the subtitles. I had read Grass’ book when I was a teenager, and I remember it being a very good novel. However, I didn’t care much for the movie, actually found it quite annoying, and wrote this review, giving it two out of four stars. Without thinking much about it, I put in these two tags: “controversial sex scene” and “sex scene with child.” If you watch the movie, you’ll understand why those tags are actually appropriate. It was a shocker in Germany in 1979, and it would certainly be a shocker in the United States in 2016.

Now, for the past two years, my blog is being hit by search engines for the most hilarious search terms, all linking to this single, innocent review I wrote two years ago about a pretty mediocre movie. “Movie Review: The Tin Drum” has become one of my most popular posts on this blog. Mind you, there are 2,735 posts here as of this writing.

Sex finds searchers, and sells, even when you’re not trying to sell anything or attract with sex. Just check out a sampling of search terms I collected over the past couple of weeks as representative below. There is a theme here.

And therefore I say it once again: Sex sells, even by accident!

Sex Sells 1

Sex Sells 2

Sex Sells 3

Sex Sells 4

Sex Sells 5

Sex Sells 6

Sex Sells 7

Sex Sells 8




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  1. Mary Barnes

    I remember reading an article in PC Mag (or some such) back in the early 90s. The author was describing a conversation he had with a friend about the internet. They both agreed it was awesome, but the friend said, “Too bad nobody has figured out how to make money with it.” The author replied, “My wife has. She set up a pornography site and is making a bundle.” So sex was selling early on.

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