Getting Arrested for Being Safe

We have all heard that it’s not necessary to pull right over whenever a police car puts on lights and sirens. Supposedly you can signal the officer, perhaps by using emergency flashers, that you’re complying, and then drive to a safe and well-lit area.

This is exactly what Indiana nurse DelRea Good did one night at 11:00pm on a dark road. However, the Sheriff’s Patrolman William Marshal arrested her, put her in jail and charged her with a felony crime of resisting arrest. The Sheriff claims that the patrol car was marked.

How the heck can you tell if a car is marked on a dark street in the middle of the night.

And just because it’s marked, and it’s an officer of the law, it’s not necessarily safe. I still vividly remember the crime that took place in my own neighborhood on December 27, 1986, when a 20-year-old college student was pulled over late at night on I-15 by California Highway Patrolman Craig Peyer. He strangled and killed her when she resisted his advances. He’s been in prison since.

Why a policeman would have an issue with a citizen driving to a safe and public place before being pulled over is beyond me.

But then again, we’re living in a police state, and the likes of Trump and Cruz want to make it even more so.

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