Buffing the Buff

Melbourne city council troubled over public art. It’s really important to “protect” citizens from dangerous art. Chuckle.

2 thoughts on “Buffing the Buff

  1. Ray Cullen

    Childish censorship “Down Under”–read that how you will—!!
    NOT one of our proudest moments, that’s for sure–!!!

    Conversely, the horrific catalyst to a “moment” of which we Aussies CAN rightly be proud, will mark its 20th anniversary this month.
    The horrendous Port Arthur massacre–in which 35 people were killed, & another 24 injured–shocked this country to its core.

    As a direct result of the consequent community outrage, laws were passed which severely restricted gun ownership & useage. Furthermore, a gun buy-back scheme, funded by a temporary government levy, saw many hundreds of thousands of weapons destroyed. Gun related deaths have been reduced ever since–!!

    Whilst this WAS—& still remains–something of which we can//ought be proud—vested interests are now seeking to “water down” these laws. The gun lobby & its “fellow travellers” exist HERE too–!!
    I’m reminded of the self-evident wisdom of the aphorism—–“all that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”.
    Any such weakening of these laws must be resisted. We have been well-served by the breadth & strength of the original legislation.

    Hmmm–people wanting to water down laws which have served us well–whilst PASSING laws “protecting” us from street art–!!
    It seems that not ALL the craziness in this world comes from the mouths of U.S. Republicans–!!!
    Cheers from Oz–Ray.

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