Abolish the EPA – Really?

Whenever the Republican candidates trumpet on stage that the EPA is the first agency they want to abolish, it has the most adverse effect on me.

Just watch what happened in Flint, Michigan. The city decided to save money and use water from the Flint river, rather than Lake Huron, for the city’s water source about two years ago. The Flint river is so corrosive that it rusted and corroded the lead pipes that distribute the water. With the corrosion, lead levels 20 times the safe amount were in the city water. Eventually, a local pediatrician figured it out. Then came the cover-up by the city, before that finally crumbled, and now the news comes out.

But back to the EPA. We have the EPA to hold people and businesses accountable. Without the EPA, factories would be free to dump poison into the rivers and into the air. Without the EPA, industry would be free to rape the land and its people. And don’t tell me that industry would volunteer to “be good.”

Just read up and see what kinds of pollution we had before the EPA (before 1970). The country was polluted. But then again, just go to Mexico, or India, or Brazil, or China – to see real pollution. Then come back and tell me you want to abolish the EPA.

It’s strange how the same people that keep harping about the legacy we leave for our children are also those that wouldn’t mind pumping more CO2 into the air, allow pollution into the rivers, and open up national parks for logging and mining.

I honestly cannot understand that thinking.

5 thoughts on “Abolish the EPA – Really?

  1. Ray cullen

    “I honestly cannot understand that kind of thinking”.
    That would be because there’s very little THINKING going on–!!
    The types who would abolish Environmental Protection Agencies (& whose favorite bedtime reading is probably STILL their well-worn copy of Ayn Rand’s collected works–!!!) kinda BYPASS real thinking—because they act as legislative “sub-contractors” for the utterly greedy, but “influential”.

    Alternatively, they “cut out the middle-man”—because they themselves are the short-term-outlook-only//utterly self-interested, greedy “players” themselves.

    I’ll leave it to readers to decide which category would be the likely “natural fit” for Mr.Trump—!!!!

  2. Ray cullen

    Oh dear—now I seem to be saying so much on here, that there’s no gap between my comments–!!!
    Just a (relatively-!!) brief one–which I thought you & your readers might find of interest regarding the VITAL role played by various manifestations of the EPA in different jurisdictions around the world.
    The author details the means by which EPA regulation has an effective ECONOMIC benefit—something I hadn’t previously considered .

    Sorry—STILL haven’t mastered the art of installing links. However, googling blog.oup.com will get readers there–!!
    As previously stated, the article explains very clearly,how bodies like the E.P.A. provide massive ECONOMIC advantage(s) to society—-along with the better known environment//social//health benefits.

    The article is entitled, “EPA regulations and Republican sided business”—sub-headed, ” CLEAN AIR, HOT AIR”
    Well worth a read–!!

    For those unfamiliar with same, O.U.P.=Oxford University Press—the in-house publication arm of Oxford University in the U.K. The writer would easily have more intelligence in his little finger-NAIL, than Trump appears to be able to muster from his entire “I’m-a-really-SMART-guy” self—-& that’s INCLUSIVE of the latter’s whopping great EGO—!!!

    U.S. readers may also find it of interest to “read between the lines” & gain an interesting perspective regarding the manner in which Trump is viewed in yet ANOTHER part of the world. (U.K.)
    That might be both “broadening” AND refreshing—-after having already heard quite enough re same from Australia—!!!

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