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  1. Ray cullen

    Thanks for sharing this, Norbert.
    The U.S. will, in future years, look back at the Obama presidency years & realise what a terrific choice the American ppl made in electing this thoughtful,compassionate,honorable & intelligent man to the White House.

    That the possibility exists, that Obama could be succeeded by someone of the ilk of Donald Trump, is truly mind-boggling–!!
    In many places around the world, as well as within the U.S., many thousands of ppl are “hoping against hope” that the ordinary U.S.voters–after getting it SO RIGHT with Obama–will “see through” the charade that is Trump–!!

    Here in Australia, throughout MOST of my lifetime, we have enjoyed stable,reliable,accountable government. Succesive federal governments have recognised, & honored for the most part, the “SOCIAL CONTRACT” between citizens & government.

    I guess that concept is embodied in what Aussies call the “fair-go”–!! Everyone contributes as best they can, to the “common good”. When however, through illness//unemployment//other circumstances beyond our control, we need assistance—the idea is that ppl receive A HAND “UP”,rather than same being labelled (perjoratively-!!) a “hand-OUT”–!!

    In recent years however, two problems have arisen—(1) a concerted attack upon that basic notion of the “fair go”–where the conservative side of our politics has attempted to label those in need as “leaners-not lifters” & have those least able to afford it, contribute disproportionately to remediation of government budgetary problems
    (2) a period of uncharacteristic & atypical “revolving door” leadership at the apex of politics—the Prime Ministership.

    The U.S. Constitution only allows a President TWO terms—-so Obama only has a short time remaining AS President.This post was about HUMOR—but many a “serious word” may be conveyed through jest–!!
    After (today) watching the way Obama “presents”–both in the Seinfeld “interview” & also in his address at the 2015 White House correspondents’ dinner, I’m even MORE impressed with the guy–!!

    I wonder what his plans are “post-Presidency”-? Perhaps he could “re-invent” himself—-“Down-Under”–!! Would that ALL countries in our troubled world could be led by ppl of the calibre of Barack Obama–!!


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