How Did It Know?

A few days ago, while driving, we talked about The Book of Mormon coming to San Diego. We decided that we should go! I never searched for tickets in Google or anywhere else.

Just now, I clicked off of Facebook to this article.

book of mormon

I am now spooked. Not because our military commanders are resigning if Trump were to win the presidency.

I am spooked because it showed me The Book of Mormon tickets. How did it listen to us in the car?

What is IT anyway?

3 thoughts on “How Did It Know?

  1. The magic of recommendation engines. You don’t need to necessarily have to have viewed a web page looking at ticket sales or even just describing the play or any event or item really. You merely through your demographic data and internet crawling traffic might lead the engine to believe that there is a likelihood that an individual like you might be interested in this upcoming event rather than, say, the Mormon Tabernacle Boys Choir sings your favorite Christmas Carols show. The magic of math, marketing and big data. God help us we are all doomed!

  2. Mary Barnes

    2 more spooky stories: (1) A friend is going to Italy. He called his credit card company and told them he was going, so they wouldn’t be suspicious of any charges from there. They said, “Yes, we know you’re going. You didn’t have to call us.” “How do you know?” he asked. “Because you have purchased plane tickets.” “But I didn’t use your card for the tickets, or for anything else Italy-related” he said. Their response: “Oh, we have our ways.” (2) I’ve been going to square dancing at Ocean Wavers every Thursday for almost a year. When I started, I saved the location in my GPS, but I didn’t need it after the first couple of trips. A few weeks ago, while driving to square dancing, I happened to glance at my GPS. A banner at the top said, “Ocean Wavers 12 minutes.” How did it know that’s where I was going? It’s keeping track of my daily driving habits! And it wasn’t just basing it on the location, because the next Thursday I checked it before starting out. Same thing. Creepy.

  3. Ray cullen

    Take it easy, Norbert—!!!
    There’s a simple explanation for this “miracle”–!!!
    While you were discussing your desire to attend, there was a car next to you in the airport-bound traffic. That car was occupied by REAL Mormons—& they WERE wearing their MAGIC UNDERPANTS—-so, of course, they knew of your interest–!!!—& sent you an “invitation”—-to what they assumed would TEACH YOU “The Truth”—!!!

    Like many of their religious “fellows”, unfortunately they just don’t “get” the whole notion of satire–!!! They simply saw you as a “lost” “heathen”—who wanted to know all about special glasses//golden tablets—& the like–!!

    Alternatively, a particular “really SMART guy” (by his own “lights”) has become aware of some of your recent “anti” posts—& has your vehicle “bugged”–!! Yes—“the Donald” would LIKE the fact that the “ad” he arranged, would distract you from the VERY SCAREY assessments being currently made by senior ppl at the Pentagon—about the INSANE prospect of a LUNATIC in the Oval Office—!!!

    Umm—MAYBE it’s just REMOTELY possible that Trish looked at tickets online–??!! Nah—there’s GOTTA be an explanation other than THAT one—-which’s no fun at all–!!!

    Enjoy the show—!!! Laugh a LOT–!!

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