Kinder Eggs, Lawn Darts and Assault Rifles

Of the three very dangerous products below, two are banned in the United States.


Kinder Surprise Eggs have toys hidden inside the chocolate covers inside an inner plastic egg. Over a period of 20 years, there were 7 deaths of children reported, presumably when children tried to eat the toys. Kinder Eggs are illegal in the United States and border guards at airports sometimes xray packages to identify and confiscate them.


Over a period of ten years, 6700 people were injured by lawn darts. 75% of those injured were children. Three children died. One father of a child went on a crusade and got lawn darts banned.


Annually, 7,000 children get injured in the United States from gunshots. Another 3,000 die each year. Guns are legal in the United States. Even assault rifles are.

Perhaps we need to wrap assault rifles inside chocolate eggs? That’ll get them banned!

Go figure the logic.

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