Belgium Directs Facebook to Stop Storing Data from Non-Users

Belgium is after Facebook for storing data from non-users, like analyzing behavior based on the Like button, etc.. Here is the article. Belgium is threatening to fine 250,000 euros a day.

If I were Facebook, I’d comply by cutting off all Belgians from the site. No more Facebook. Don’t the Europeans know that if you use a website and it’s free and you’re not paying for any product and you are not buying any product – YOU ARE THE PRODUCT?

The entire population of Belgium is 11.2 million people (2013). Facebook has over 1.4 billion users. If the entire population, men, women, children, infants were Facebook users and all of them were cut off, it would be less than a 1% impact on the user base of Facebook.

I’d tell them to pound sand. No more free Facebook in Belgium. Problem solved.

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