Book Review: 300 Suns – by Allan J. Ferrenberg

300 Suns

An alien artifact arrives above the earth. It seemingly defies the laws of physics. Soon, the world finds out it’s actually an alien ship. It does not respond to any attempts of humanity to communicate with it. Instead, it spits out “suns”, small artificial lights in orbit around the earth at a rate of about one a day. When humanity realizes that this is going to warm up the planet, they decide to “fight back.” But the alien technology is so advanced, the best minds of the world can’t come up with any plan that works.

Then, from deep space, an even more dangerous threat appears, one that is likely going to destroy the earth as we know it.

300 Suns is a hard science fiction tale with a lot of interesting concepts, based on real science as we understand it today, but extrapolated out to what could be done with it. From that point of view, the story is interesting and it kept me reading.

Overall, as a novel, however, the book is not satisfying. While the aliens are obviously there and have a purpose, we find out nothing at all about them, their motives, and where they came from. They are just there to serve to move the plot forward.

Rating - Two Stars


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