10 Smells That Make Me Happy

I just read William Lloyd’s post about 10 smells that make him happy. Mine are different. It inspired me to think about mine.

1. Fresh Coffee –  whether walking down the cobblestone streets in Europe and getting a waft out of a café, or just the brew in our own kitchen.

2. Devin Aftershave by Aramis – when I was young, a street vendor put a little of this aftershave on my wrist while I was out shopping. I kept smelling it for an hour and then I actually went back and found the vendor again and I bought a bottle. For the next 20 years, until I could no longer get it, I kept buying aftershave of this fragrance. I have one half bottle left which I don’t use anymore, because I don’t want to run out of it. I need it around for an occasional whiff.

3. New Car Smell – I have never met anyone that does not like new car smell. Although it’s not so poignant for me, since I get a lot of rental cars, which often are still new enough to smell.

4. Orange Blossoms – I used to live in Arizona in my younger years and I started loving them then. Orange blossoms always make me happy.

5. Campfire – childhood memories.

6. Fresh Cut Grass – it seems almost everyone loves the smell of fresh cut grass. Why is that?

7. Fresh Lumber – I used to build houses. Framing was my favorite task. I love the smell of a newly framed house.

8. Onions and Bell Peppers – sautéing in the pan. Breakfasts with family. Bliss.

9. Oil Paint Fresh on the Canvas – the feeling of accomplishment. Something was just created and now it’s curing. The artist is happy.

10. The Stink of a Dead Animal – now I have to explain: I have a lot of very early memories of spending time at the country house of my grandparents. They had a huge yard (or so I remember) and there was always somewhere in the back some cadaver that the cats left to rot and smell. Now that smell is very rare in my life, but when I get a whiff of it on a hike somewhere, I get instantly transported back to my early childhood at my grandfather’s house. Happy times.

4 thoughts on “10 Smells That Make Me Happy

  1. I find it interesting that everyone has that one odd scent that everyone kind of hours what?! After explanation though, it makes sense. I guess what I took away from this post was that memories from smells are everlasting. There is always a scent that takes us back to our childhood. How awesome is that?!

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