The Atrocities of Religions

Barack Obama compared Christianity with Islam yesterday in a speech. He stated that Christianity, hundreds of years ago, committed terrible atrocities in the name of God. He probably didn’t mean it that way, but it came across as if he was rationalizing that radial Islam today is really not any different from Christianity 800 years ago.

Perhaps Obama is even correct. To the best of my understanding, what the Christians did in the name of God 800 years ago sounds a lot like what ISIS does today.

However, that was 800 years ago. We want to think that we have grown up as humanity since, and we measure ourselves against different standards. It also sounded like Obama tried to make it sound like ISIS is not so unusual after all.

There seems to be this fear of calling Islam what it is – a brutal, discriminating, violent and aggressive religion.

Let’s just compare two religions, Islam and Christianity in the last 10 years.


  • Many members openly confess and announce that they want to kill as many infidels as they can.
  • Public beheadings and burnings of infidels – dozens.
  • Suicide bombers – hundreds.


  • Members opening announcing they want to kill infidels? None that I can think of. We have had a few nuts who killed abortion physicians in the name of God, but that’s about it.
  • Public beheadings and burnings – none.
  • Suicide bombers – none.

I am not a Christian, but I must say, in 2015, Christians are much less dangerous than Muslims, just judging from their actions and the results.

Muslims will argue that the West, lead by the U.S., has killed thousands of people in the middle east, and they will be right. The U.S. has killed far more Iraqis and Afghans than Iraqis and Afghans killed Americans, by an order of magnitude. However, the U.S. did this not because they are Christians, but because they believe they need to defend themselves against radical Islam.

Moderate and mainstream Muslims will argue that ISIS are not Muslims and they want nothing to do with them. Too bad, however, that ISIS does not agree with that. They think they are the true Muslims, and all the other ones are cowards.

So my conclusion:

Islam is obviously a lethal and dangerous religion that drives some of its members to do insane and brutal deeds, to the point of killing themselves. Islam is not good for life, health and the pursuit of happiness.

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