MSNBC Showing of State of the Union Address was Tacky

state of the union of msnbcI tried to watch the State of the Union Address on MSNBC. I was thoroughly distracted by the voting band on the bottom of the screen, which constantly tried to show people’s reactions to what the president said, and kept asking me to go to a website to vote. Within just a few minutes I could not stand it anymore and I flipped over to Fox News, which was clean and I could listen to the president the way I wanted to.

Sorry, MSNBC, you lost me there. I am fine with you conducting polling experiments, and I am fine if you allow us access to the results later, but don’t do it on prime time live television on shows that we want to watch without being distracted by your experiments. I really was not interested in what other people thought at that time. I wanted to listen with concentration, and your coverage didn’t provide that. So I flipped over to Fox News, where I usually go to get my dose of the other extreme when you go on commercials.

This time, however, I stayed with Fox News until it was all over.

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