L’Amour est Plus Fort Que la Haine

charliehebdoLove is stronger than hate. Twelve people working at this magazine died for saying this. Another twelve or more were seriously injured.

If you don’t buy into the sky fairy delusions of Islamist fundamentalists, they kill you.

Religious fundamentalists often don’t like the light of day of free speech, when open debate occurs and puts a spotlight on activities perpetrated in the name of their sky fairies.

They take it upon themselves to try, convict, sentence and execute others – whom they call infidels.

I have been annoyed by Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Christians judging others, and trying to push their sky fairy tales on the rest of us. But I haven’t heard of anyone but Muslims beheading people on TV, or shooting them in the offices of cartoon editors, or killing children because they are going to school.

Islam must truly be a messed-up religion to keep causing this stuff to happen, over and over again.

We hear outrage from Muslims all over the world condemning these atrocities, distancing themselves from them. Sorry. I am not buying it. Why is it that their religion spawns such criminals?

Islam – the religion that causes death to those that don’t buy into it.

Great stuff to be proud of and teach your children!

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