Appreciating Custom Framing

Every artist suffers from the cost of framing. I tend to paint large oil paintings. My favorite sizes range from 24 by 30 inches, to 36 by 36, or even 36 by 48. Buying the canvas and paint for such a painting is one expense, but the most significant one comes when the work is all done: Framing. A decent frame for a 36 by 36 painting will cost $500 or more. I usually buy them only with discount coupons, but even then they will be between $200 and $350 each. Many artists simply cannot afford that. Yet, I have found, a paining looks phenomenally more complete and impressive with a quality frame.

While the video below is an advertisement, I found it nonetheless inspiring and it taught me what an art framing is all by itself, and why it is so expensive. I have a new appreciation for the work my framers do after watching it. See for yourself:


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