Online Life: DEA Impersonates Facebook Users

Facebook, the happy place where we post our pictures and where we show off our kids and their accomplishments, where we reconnect with old friends we would never have found again otherwise, has become one of the places where our culture comes together and where we socialize.

Facebook has its own instant message feature, where you can have live chats with friends or groups of friends, several at a time in real-time. We can keep it superficial, or we can have deep and personal conversations.

Let me destroy this idyllic picture of personal warmth and security, this place where you gather with your friends.

Facebook has just written to the DEA (U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration) asking that their agents stop impersonating people.

Yes, DEA agents have created fake account, taking on the names of innocent people, entering their circle of friends and conversing with them. They have even posted pictures of the children of the people they are impersonating in an effort to appear authentic.

This article gives more information. The victim in this case was a woman who was indeed convicted on drug charges and served time some years ago. So the DEA thinks they might “harvest” her circle of friends for more victims, basically cyber-stalking them. This is indeed the wolf in sheep’s clothes in our midst, and they actually think this practice is right and legal.

Beware of your “friends” online, as they might not be what they appear to be.


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