Is Your Netflix Slow? Check This Out!

Here is a Verizon customer who found that his Netflix videos don’t load. This guy is an expert, and he did the research and discovered that Verizon purposely throttles traffic from Netflix.

He pays Verizon for 75 mbps down, 35 mbps up on his Fios connection. His research shows that a Netflix video streams at 375 kbps (or 0.375 mbps) at the fastest.

This is 0.5% of the speed that he is paying for, or 200 times slower.

Check out the article here and how he works around it now that he knows it’s going on.

I don’t care what the arguments between Netflix and Verizon are. However, I do care that my service provider gives me the product they promised and contracted for. It says nothing in this guy’s contract that Verizon gets to throttle Netflix.

Now I have to check my own connections with Cox.

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