Guns are Forbidden at NRA Conventions – Really?

The NRA does not allow people to have firearms at NRA conventions. They blame this on the city or the venue.

The NRA is on national television telling us that more guns make our society safer.

If that is really true, and they really believe it, why don’t they encourage people to tote their guns to their meetings? They’d be the safest meetings of all.

The fact is that at least since 2010 their conventions were held in a place where attendees had to pass through metal detectors. Guns were forbidden.


Edit Correction 5/28/14: Someone commented below that I am wrong and at least at the 2013 convention carrying of firearms was allowed. I guess I was misinformed. My apologies for that.

2 thoughts on “Guns are Forbidden at NRA Conventions – Really?

  1. Sorry but you are not telling the truth; the 2013 NRA Convention was in Houston Texas and people were free to carry firearms there.

    The 2012 Convention was in St. Louis Illinois where no one was allowed to carry in the state.

    So how many crime reports do you see regarding the NRA conventions; surely there are thousands and thousands of people being shot, robbed, mugged, raped, right?

    The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on Sunday reported no troubles related to the convention.

    The final day featured a talk by rock star and gun activist Ted Nugent, a youth day program and the National Prayer Breakfast. Those events were closed to the media.

    The convention was expected to draw 70,000 attendees and attract $55 million in spending. Final attendance figures weren’t available Sunday, but NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said he was thrilled with the turnout.

    70,000 people and no troubles reported, perhaps your simply wrong?

    1. “70,000 people and no troubles reported” I am sure is a good thing. Of course, if there was trouble, it would be the death of NRA. But that was really not my point. My point was the irony of “no firearms allowed” and your comment about 2013 kind of took the wind out of the sails of that argument. I will do more research. Thanks for the comment, and I gave it credit in the body of the post itself.

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