Afternoon Breeze – by Gary Ackerman

At the northernmost point on the Big Island of Hawaii, there is a little town called  Kapa’au, reminiscent of Julian, California. Driving through, I glanced to the right and saw a gallery with large, bright paintings. We stopped and walked in and were lucky, because the artist himself was there. He was most gracious, and we talked for quite a while about his technique and the work he was planning on doing, while looking at all his work. Whenever I see a successful artist, I always get inspired. What a life.

Afternoon Breeze – by Gary Ackerman [click for gallery]

If you visit the Big Island, make sure you stop in at Ackerman Galleries.

4 thoughts on “Afternoon Breeze – by Gary Ackerman

  1. Anonymous

    Are there any photographs of Gary Ackerman’s early work anywhere? I am interested in seeing examples his early work as I have a still life painting that he painted that looks nothing like his art that’s for sale. Even digital copies would be nice. I can’t find a copy of the Ackerman book anywhere. How much is it?

    1. I will look in my book and see if I can find early work (dated as such). I think the book costs $50 or $75 or so. Mine was complimentary by the artist, so I am not sure.

  2. Bonnie Hawley

    Do you know who I might contact, as I have a Gary Ackerman oil painting from at least 20 years ago – a seascape, that my Mom bought at his gallery when in Hawaii. She has passed away, and I have no where to keep it, as I am moving.
    She also enjoyed her conversation with the artist.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Bonnie – Contact for what? Are you trying to sell the painting? If she has had it for a while, it has probably increased in value. I assume it’s worth something. Perhaps the artist himself might have a recommendation for possible buyers? I really don’t know. Do you have a picture of it?

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