Fox News Trying to be Scholarly

Laura Green of Fox News tried to have an intellectual argument with Reza Aslan, a religious scholar, who recently published a book titled Zealot, a historic treatise of Jesus Christ. Because Aslan is a former Christian who is now a Muslim, Green tried to discredit the book and message. She had obviously not read the book and knew very little about Aslan. In typical Fox News fashion, she quoted other scholars who disagreed with Aslan’s conclusions.

Ignorant of the process applied by historians of making contextualized arguments rooted in evidence, and then having debates by the peer community, she tried to argue that Aslan somehow was wrong because there were people who disagreed with him. Worse, she attempted to argue that simply because he happened to be a Muslim he would somehow not be qualified to write a book about Jesus.

This video shows the full interview.

Green came across as bigoted and uninformed. Aslan looked like the scholar he is.

Looks like I need to read Zealot.

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