Invasion of Privacy by TSA at Rochester Airport

The TSA at the Rochester, NY airport has ordered the valet parking company to search all vehicles “for large amounts of explosives” since that could pose a challenge to the airport buildings.

Customers reacted with fury when they found a card in their cars when they came back that indicated that the car had been searched. Supposedly there was a sign to that effect in the window of the booth of the valet company.

There are so many things wrong with this, I don’t even know where to start.

I am a top-tier traveler – meaning that I fly between 50,000 and 100,000 miles each year, sometimes more. I know a  thing or two about the TSA, and I believe it is the most inept, useless, bloated and essentially ineffective government agency of all. I would gladly have the TSA abolished.

Asking parking attendants to search for “large amounts of explosives” is like asking the short-order cook at the local diner to run a SQL query on a database. A parking attendant is not qualified to find large amounts of explosives, or any explosives, for that matter.

And finally, if I were a terrorist and I wanted to bomb an airport, do you really think I’d pack up a “large amount of explosives” into my car, in the trunk or the engine compartment, and then hand the keys to a valet to park the car who knows where? Really?

I would be the world’s dumbest terrorist.

Of course, now that this is public, dumb terrorists just have to go to another airport where the TSA is not quite as smart.

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