Hypocritical Radical Islamist Anjem Choudary

Muslim0 Anjem Choudary is a radical Muslim of Pakistani descent, born and raised in England. He enrolled as a medical student at the University of Southampton, where he was known as Andy.  Due to excessive partying, he failed his first-year exams. He switched to law and spent his final year as a legal student (1990–1991) at Guildford, before moving to London to teach English as a second language. He became a lawyer after he found work at a legal firm and completed his legal qualifications.

Here is the Wiki link for more details about him.

There are pictures of him online partying, and now he would love to have those pictures removed. Perhaps he does not understand how the Internet works, but now, no matter where those pictures are, there is another copy of them on this post, and unfortunately for him, I don’t think I am going to remove them.

Here are pictures of him from younger years:





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