Good Guys with Guns

I can’t get over how we’re all sucking up this “good guy with guns” Kool-Aid sold by LaPierre. I don’t know any success stories involving good guys with guns.

First off, apparently LaPierre does not think about the fact that according to his story, when a guy buys a gun, he’s a good guy. A law-abiding citizen should not be bothered with a background check. Has it occurred to him that every guy is born a good guy. Somewhere along the course of his life that good guy buys a gun. Some of those good guys turn out to be bad guys.

All the secret service agents around Kennedy, good guys with guns, couldn’t save Kennedy. All the good guys with guns around Reagan on March 30, 1981 could not stop Hinckley from shooting him.

We have a lot of good guys with guns in our society. That’s our police force for the most part, except for the corrupt ones, on guys like Dorner, or – maybe I should stop here. Our military are also good guys with guns.

But in reality, when the shooting commences, the bad guys have the guns out ablazing, and the good guys, if they are there, if they have their guns at the ready, if they have the presence of mind, if they have the aim, even then they can’t stop the bad guy usually for quite a while.

I served in the military. I was trained on guns. I am not sure how effective I’d be in a school or theater if somebody all of a sudden opened fire. Perhaps it’s because I am a good guy with a gun who does not know what he’s doing. If I were in a bad spot, with a bad guy with a gun threatening me, what good guy would I want around me? I’d want the most badass, highly trained, efficient sniper gunman I could get – a Navy SEAL sniper.

How about Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL renowned to be the most effective sniper in military history, with 160 confirmed “kills” and 255 claimed “kills.” I wonder what it would feel like to know that my bullets ended the lives of that many people. But I digress.

So I’d like to have Chris Kyle around me, hopefully with a gun in his hand, to protect me.

The irony is, though, that on Saturday, February 2, 2013, Kyle and a companion, Chad Littlefield, were shot and killed at the Rough Creek Lodge shooting range in Erath County, Texas by 25-year-old fellow veteran Eddie Ray Routh. Kyle and Littlefield had taken their buddy to the gun range trying to help him with his post traumatic stress disorder.

Two snipers, the best in the world, presumably with guns in their hands, could not stop one of their buddies who sadly went berserk and killed them. Two of the best trained gunfighters in the world, good guys with guns – in their hands – could not stop another good guy, gone bad.

3 thoughts on “Good Guys with Guns

  1. john willis

    You keep living with your head up your —–!! I was also trained in the military
    to use and also disassemble the m1 rifle. I will not relinquish my safety to a
    police officer or any other public official . I have weapons that have not been
    fired in over 25 years , but if some one attempts to enter my home without
    my permission , will suddenly be facing the business end of the closest one I can retrieve. I live seven miles from the city limits . From the end of the nearest
    paved road it’s a three minute to my house . Consider what can happen in three minutes With the brilliance you have just give me your conclusion as to which
    action you would take.

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