To Dad With Love

I have enjoyed reading the blog To Dad With Love by Vera Poh, a young woman in Melbourne, Australia. Her life apparently took a dramatic turn when her father suddenly died. The blog is a tribute to him, apparently her closest friend, with whom she used to share her experiences. Now, through it, she continues to do so. This should ring deep for any woman that has or had a close relationship with her dad.

2 thoughts on “To Dad With Love

  1. Oh, Norbert, this has come as a wonderful surprise. Since I started following your blog, I have enjoyed your writings, your musings, and perspectives on myriad issues, but above all, your priceless sense of humour, and rapier sharp wit. I cannot begin to tell you how honoured and flattered this post has made me feel. Thank you so much.

  2. I also enjoy reading Ms Poh’s work. She has a delicious turn of phrase. It’s nice that you’ve taken the time to bring her blog to the attention of your readers.

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