Reflections on Valentine’s Day

I have always wondered about Valentine’s Day, its legitimacy, and its customs in our American society. I just found Orson Scott Card’s clever article about the subject, with a small excerpt here, where he is talking about elementary school children giving each other Valentines:

The effect, though, was to utterly devastate the people — mostly the less-attractive or shyer girls — who got no valentines. What were the teachers thinking? Did we really need one more opportunity to get our feelings hurt at school?

I remember two teachers, in two different years, who actually conducted a public count of how many valentines each person received, announcing a girl winner and a boy winner. One of them even announced the ones who received the least, though the other had the decency to conceal that information.

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The cruel things we do to our children…

One thought on “Reflections on Valentine’s Day

  1. Anonymous

    I lived those days….counting the Valentines received in class then clandestinely comparing my stack to those of others. As if the number of valentines was any sign of self worth. I’m sure kids are now comparing the number of “friends” they have on facebook to those of their peers. Teachers don’t have to announce the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’…..the kids all do it to each other.

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