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  1. Ray Cullen

    Hi Norbert,
    I fear my earlier comment may have “gone astray”-!! I’m afraid I “battle” with the “technology”—but I’m (gradually) learning-!! Wanted to let you know I enjoy receiving your blog via email in far-off Australia-!!
    I also enjoy popping over to your BOOKSES IN BOXES-& love the story behind the origin of the name-!! Is it possible to “subscribe” to “BOOKSES” via email also?
    Will “away”-so cheers from SUNNY OZ–we’re just coming to the end of a(nother) long,dry & very hot Summer here-!! Best wishes-Ray.

    1. Hi Ray – what a nice comment. Especially the one about bookses in boxes. I started that blog when I wanted to have a dedicated book review blog. They say blogs should remain topical. However, I discovered that I get many, many more times the views on book reviews on this site. It takes a long time before a new blog surfaces and gets significant readership. For the time being I have posted book reviews in parallel on both blogs, see what develops. However, I have added the Follow button there – I am honored to have to checking in on me occasionally. Make sure you don’t miss art.norberthaupt.com – where I put my art work. Hope your fall is cooler. We’re looking forward to the warm part of the year. We didn’t get any rain worth mentioning here, either. Drought ongoing.

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