The Deep Right Wing

Sometimes I venture out to read some of the right-wing articles (thanks Mike L. for links) and I am amazed about the hate and contempt that is out there for Obama.

Here is such an example.


The rant is that there appears to be some irregularity about a contract award to a wireless networking firm that happens to have contributed to the Obama campaign. The firm claims no wrongdoing, the administration claims no wrongdoing.

Some general is not happy with this. This by itself does not make me very worried. Cushy contract awards have been the driving force our our wars and war economies since 1774. Does the name Halliburton ring any bells. So what’s new here?

Let’s just put things into perspective. The last administration has ignited two wars, at least one of them illegitimate and based on falsified intelligence information that forever tarnished Colin Powell’s career. These wars have now cost is trillions of dollars, paid for off the books, and they contributed vastly to our current economic plight. The country just lived with that, rode it out.

Now this administration awards a contract to a company that has contributed funds to their campaign and all hell is raised in this article. None of the information is even substantiated.

Make sure you read the comments!

Many of the comments have atrocious spelling or grammar errors. Some claim that the administration is treasonous. Some call for impeachment. Others call the 51% of the country voting for Obama stupid. Many are religiously delusional. Some appear to be spewn from severely disturbed minds. One claims that Obama has whistle-blowers killed. That one I actually responded to asking for the name of one such killed whistle-blower.

I could not find a single measured, non-hateful, factual comment.

The main article laments that Obama commits all these crimes and the “media” is deaf to them.

Yes, it’s all the media’s fault.

Where is Hannity and O’Reilly when we need them?


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