America Dies 2013?

Crackpots out there proclaim that 2013 is the year America dies.

Paul Joseph  Watson: Will 2013 be remembered by future historians as the year that  the United States of America to all intents and purposes died as a Republic and was finally seized by authoritarian globalists who have already openly usurped  governments all across Europe?

Now I am really scared.  If you read the article, if you can actually do it without cracking up, you’ll find that one of the points he makes is that we’re all trampling on the 2nd Amendment. He says that we’re using the Newtown massacre as an excuse dismantle the 2nd Amendment. He calls this a domestic assault on gun rights.

Assault on gun rights?

Do I have this right? Have we not just been assaulted by somebody who exercised this gun right? Somebody who was peppered with a sprinkle of insanity and a huge inferiority complex?

And this assault on gun rights somehow contributes in a major way to the death of America?

I thought Romney was from another planet.

There really are people out there that write articles that believe that taking away guns, if we even ever did that, would be the end of America?

Oh, yes, and the TSA too. Read on down further. Bad boys are occupying the country.

Boy, we have problems.

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