The Wasteful Lunch

A couple of days ago I had a layover at Chicago O’Hare. I got some Chinese lunch at one of the food courts: rice, spicy tofu and potato chicken. For a quick bite between flights, it’s very filling and quite tasty.  I asked for a cup of water to go with the. The meal cost $8.27.

When I was done, I realized that I had spent perhaps 20 minutes eating. I used three paper napkins (which I was given), a plastic fork, a styrofoam food container with cover (like they give out in restaurants for left-overs) and a styrofoam cup for the water.

I created a lot of waste for the landfill. I used up lot of petroleum and paper products.

Just to have one meal.

2 thoughts on “The Wasteful Lunch

  1. San Francisco now has a bag tax on top of a plastic bag ban. So if you want any type of bag for something you purchased, you have to pay 10 cents. I think this is great- I now carry around my reusable bag wherever I go with me. Little changes will slowly shift society. I’m happy to be in a city on the forefront of these changes!

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