Full Moon Poets – Poetry Slam

The Full Moon Poets have their poetry slam in Encinitas on the evening of a Blue Moon – Tonight. We just got back. As always, it was an amazing contest. Rudy Francisco and Corey Taft, the usual finalists, both superstars of the local slam poetry scene, were actually tied for first place at the end, something that had never happened before. So both pulled a fourth poem out of their mental drawers and blew us away at the end. Mind you, neither knew that they needed to prepare more than three poems, but both had one ready.

Rudy won in the end – and he deserved it.

If you have never been to a poetry slam before, do yourself the favor and go. Always, when leaving the event, I hear people say to their partners or groups that “this was much better than I would ever have expected.” A poetry slam is a different art form altogether, and some of these guys are amazing.

It’s a great way to spend a blue moon night in Encinitas.

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