Guns in America

I am a strong believer in and supporter of the constitution of the United States, and with it the First and the Second Amendment.

Now that’s out of the way, the fact is, according to The Economist of July 28, 2012, page 12, that if you live in the United States, you are four times more likely to be murdered than if you live in Britain, almost six times more likely than in Germany, and 13 times more likely than in Japan. Two thirds of all murders in America involve guns, where the number in Britain is under 10%.

These are facts. Do with them what you will.

We have a right to bear arms, to defend ourselves, to hunt, to … what else?

But do we really need automatic weapons that can shoot 100 rounds a minute? If the Aurora lunatic’s semi-automatic gun had not jammed, more people would have died than 12, and more would have been hurt than 58. If the lunatic hadn’t had a magazine of more than 10 rounds, far less would have died.

People argue that if you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns.

In America, everyone can have guns. So where were the gun toters in the Batman movie that should have shot back and stopped the maniac?

If it is not the ready availability of guns and bullets, what else constitutes the difference in Japan, Germany and Britain in the murder rate?

Are we just a murderous people?

2 thoughts on “Guns in America

  1. john willis

    I’m being overwhelmed with all the law abiding citizens with an anti-second
    amendment and the ability to own the gun of your choice. How many of you own an automobile? How many of them register from 100-140 mph on the
    speedometer? The legal hwy speed in most states are posted at50-75 mph.
    How many of you can honestly say that you never exceed those limits? How many can say that they have never gotten behind the wheel after consuming
    alcohol? There are more citizens killed or maimed by automobiles than by guns
    in all the countries you mentioned combined. These automobiles are both
    supposedly registered and insured. I can tell you from personal experience
    that your own insurance can be exhausted and the responsible party to the
    accident will not have spent a dime !!!!

    1. I assume your comment means that I have a problem with the second amendment. I agree that cars kill more people than guns in this country. I agree that we need to have tough laws for control of cars and driver’s licenses, that penalties should be stiff, and that cars are dangerous, usually as weapons by accident.

      I don’t have a problem with our right to own guns.

      I simply support a registry of guns and owners, just like we have a registry of cars (DMV licensing) and their owners (titles and VIN numbers) and a registry of drivers (driver’s licenses).

      The second amendment is not affected by the requirement to have owners of “arms” to be registered and subjected to a background check.

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