Mission Statement Wisdom from Gitomer

From Gitomer’s Newsletter, a wealth of wisdom on mission statements.

Here are 12.5 questions designed to make you think, squirm, and reassess your mission and its meaning:

1. Who created your mission statement?
2. What does it mean to you?
3. Do you have it memorized?
4. Do you use it as a guiding light?
5. Do you have it up on the wall in your office?
6. Do you have it on a card in your wallet?
7. Is it your computer wallpaper?
8. Does it in any way affect your corporate behavior?
9. How do your customers benefit from it?
10. Does it inspire you?
11. Does it motivate you to make more sales?
12. Do any of your customers know your mission?
12.5 Or is it just a bunch of BS that your marketing people – or worse, your ad agency, created? Most mission statements are created for PR purposes, purported image, or some other form of business pomposity. Totally bogus.

If the mission statement is so important, and so genuine, why doesn’t EVERY employee commit it to memory, and execute it every day at work?

Pretty sad, huh?

Time for me to get to work on dust things off.

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