One Man’s Trash

…is another man’s treasure.

Recently I had to repaint my rental house when tenants changed. The house had been painted some ten years ago with many different colors, as was the fashion then. This proved difficult to maintain when having to touch-up paint between tenants. The colored paints were no longer the same after standing for years. So I had the entire house painted one neutral color, and I needed to dispose of the old paint.

Calling around, this proved difficult and a hassle – and possibly expensive.

So we thought we might list it on Craig’s List under free stuff:

Within minutes of posting the above ad, calls kept coming in and people actually asked us to hold them so they could get here. Apparently, arts and crafts people can always use old paint, since the exact shade and color does not matter so much when painting small quantities. I would have never thought it.

The paint was gone in less than a day.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


One thought on “One Man’s Trash

  1. If you think this paint is old… The grandmother of a Friend had some leftover paint in her basement from the 60s. It was lead-based… She was about to use it to re-paint something when he stopped her and explained why she shouldn’t use it…

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