Hiking Half Dome

Trisha applied for a permit for four people to hike Half Dome in Yosemite on her birthday on September 11 and won (there is a lottery). There are two of us. We have two more spare permits.

So here we go.

In the event that  you don’t know what that means, here is a good informational site.

And there are the “dreaded cables” near the top. After seven or more hours of grueling hiking – this:

Here is a great video by the park service.

Here is a great photograph.

We need to train up, which means hiking every chance we get from now until September. Next week Mount San Miguel. Then Cuyamaca. Then San Jacinto from the tram to peak, to get adjusted to altitude hiking. Then San Gorgonio in a day on the Vivien Creek trail. That’s a very hard and long hike, about as long and as much altitude change as Half Dome, but higher. So it’s a good dress rehearsal.

Care to come along?

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