Batista’s View on Energy Efficiency in the U.S.

Interview with Eike Batista, the Brazilian industrialist, in World Changers:

Question: Why did you expand out of mining? You have essentially created a conglomerate in Brazil, which is unusual for most entrepreneurs.

Answer: I wanted to do other things, although I am on overload now. I’m spending $40 billion in ten years in natural resources and infrastructure sectors in Brazil, so there is a limit. If you look at the world through the eyes of an engineer, there are a lot of opportunities. America and Brazil have allowed the financial people to make money through money. We have forgotten to make things more efficient. In America, you should be driving electric cars today. So it’s coming at least ten years too late. If things had started twenty years ago, people would have looked for efficiencies. It’s incomprehensible that America doesn’t have high-speed rail between major cities. The European car fleet has twice the energy efficiency than America.

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