Book Review: The One Command – by Asara Lovejoy

About a year ago I bought (and promptly returned) a tape program titled The One Command by Asara Lovejoy. The review I gave it speaks for itself. Over the months I have received comments about that post. It pops up all the time in search engines and a lot of people visit that page. Sometimes the comments challenge me. The most recent challenge was this one on April 12:

Norbert maybe you should read the book and listen to the full cd set?


Ok, ok, I agree. I should not be blasting the program if I haven’t read the full book. So I went on Amazon to buy the book. I got it used for $10. I didn’t follow my own rules of reading the Amazon reviews first. Oh boy, oh boy.

I started reading. I tried to continue. This book has 243 pages, and it has about 10 pages of real material. Everything else is fluff, filler, endless repetition and psychobabble. The actual six step process described by the author includes:

  1. Ground
  2. Align
  3. Go to Theta
  4. Command
  5. Expand
  6. Receive with Gratitude

This is described, not very well, in pages 47 through 54.

For instance, here is the entire description of Align:

Once you are well grounded, imagine the power and force of Earth’s energy coming into your body, and align your heart to that force. As you take a breath in and then exhale, imagine your breath exhaling out in all directions around you as you clear negativity and align with love. You increase the power of your desires when they resonate in harmony and you strengthen, like a lightening rod, the clarity of creating what you desire when you claim it in love.

I understand the power of suggestion and self-suggestion. I have learned to use self-hypnosis effectively. But that took time, practice and much more instruction than this. How does one “strengthen, like a lightning rod, the clarity of creating what you desire when you claim it in love?”

Half the book is filled with testimonials of people who used the techniques and achieved miraculous results. People command the universe to solve their financial problems and the next day their answering machines are full of messages of people products orders for products they could not sell before.

“I issed The One Command and in moments my house was leased after months of no interest.” — Maureen Bell, author of Multicultural Feng Shui

The book contains 243 pages and 47 chapters. The chapters are disorganized and repetitive. I honestly tried to do my duty and “read the book” but I simply couldn’t stand it. Soon I started thumbing around, back and forth, trying to find the interesting parts.

I found none.

In the end I spent $10 so I can have this useless and utterly unreadable book on my shelf.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: The One Command – by Asara Lovejoy

  1. Gail

    all i can say is that your the one missing out…you bet this program works better than anyone could imagine, but if you’ve shut if off well again you are missing out !!!!

  2. Krissy

    I can say the same….you are missing out! Very sad… but for those of us
    that can tune into our spiritual side and quiet our minds. I am reaping the benefits of this book. I am reading it a second time. I practice it daily and
    have been amazed in how my life has changed. I am stronger, happier and
    wealthier already. It only is getting better daily. There are way more positive
    reviews than not. I have bought 4 copies for friends too. My life is Blessed!

  3. Anonymous

    So sad for you. So many of us have amazing, life changing opportunities and changes in relationships with those we love. Perhaps attending a One Command Circle will open possibilities for you. The main question in The One Command is ‘what do you want instead of what you have’. Surely you must have something in your life you would like to change. Wishing you the best.

    1. Please don’t be sad for me. There are many strategies available to me that help me obtain what I want instead of what I have, and Ms. Asara’s techniques simply aren’t part of that list. Haven’t missed them, either, obviously. Thanks for your comments though. I see there are a lot of dedicated followers.

  4. ajl

    I wonder if the “rub” you are experiencing could be in the fact that the steps are more of a purely experiential process — those preceeding two words being literally the operative keys to your benefitting from reading. Unlike most books, The One Command book is not intended to serve your cognitive sensabilities which occur at a beta level of mind. The good news is you only paid 10.00 to have an asset that is truly priceless because its ability to assist you in revealing your greatest capacity especially in times of your greatest need is limitless. Hopefully you will keep it until your higher self commands you to reach out for true transformation. Until then, congrads in advance, on your bargain of a great find.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi everyone,
    I paid a lot of money buying books, Program’s about LOA, it’s been 3 yrs now of studying and reading how to change my life into abundance.. The best book that helped me is Feeling is the secret by Neville Goddard the Free book..I have change my bad habits a lot about my ego, not minding peoples bussiness, accepting individual as unique being. Most of all is to stay on the bright side of life at all times no matter what circumstances I am in. I can easily change my feelings into love once im angry,upset any changes of bad mood or emotions..
    Despite of being happy and grateful of my life that i always have a job,maintain my car and mortgage being single mum bit of money left before payday I always feel i desire more to be financially secure,doing what I love to do in my own terms. I used to be very religious but i never go to church now.. I felt i am closer to God and free since I have learned to live in my inner world, peace love and joy and no fear of anything!!
    I am really grateful To Asara Lovejoy about her book the one command i know and I felt this is the beginning of my Financial stability.. I stumble to see the comment of her 1 client and i quickly search it i was very lucky to download it for free. I quickly went to the 6 steps and read how to do it.. I did it myself follow the 6 steps mentally and OMG I love to live there, stay there its like heaven, i don’t want to comeback.. It’s the place that I want to go over and over again.I was feeling contented its the true nature of self,so peaceful place.. I only put into practice like 2 days now I can’t wait for my new cash rich life!!
    For those others read the book doesn’t touch their life meaning it’s not time for them to understand maybe on the next life..
    This is my first time to give review to any book i have read.. All the blessings to the best author of this book I thank you so much!!

    Corina UK

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