Fate and the Circle of Life

In the Los Angeles riots on April 30, 1992, Elvira Evers, then 7 ½-months pregnant, watched her Compton block fill with vehicles full of stolen loot. The nearby swap meet had turned into a free-for-all. Suddenly she was shot in the womb. The news story was that the youngest victim of the riots was not even yet born.

Elvira Evers was rescued and had an emergency caesarean section. She didn’t wake up for a week. The baby, Jessica, had an injured elbow, but both mother and daughter were saved. Check this link for an article and pictures.

When I see a 20-year-old girl living now, who was a hair’s breadth from death before she was born, it causes me to marvel at the circle of life, fate and the purpose of every human being.

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