Reflections on Gates vs. Trump

Why is it that when I listen to Trump I can’t help but think of him as a buffoon, and when I listen to Gates, nothing but scholarship comes up?

They are two very rich and famous men that have had a large impact on our society. I venture to say that Gates on a much more prevalent and fundamental level.

I can’t really say that a successful real estate developer, who built a great hotel, golf course or casino or two contributed to society something that made a real difference. And I can live fine without ever having to see another episode of The Apprentice.

On the other hand, I have used many of Gates’ products every day, all day, since 1987. That’s 25 years of continuous daily use. Gates has helped eradicate polio through this drive, vision, money and charisma, marshalling the help of thousands of medical professionals.

Gates – or Trump?

This article in Forbes drives home this comparison. If I had to hitch my wagon to either of these horses, it would be Gates.

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