Retail in America

Yesterday I was at REI shopping for hiking boots.

The prices for these boots run between $150 to $375. What is not readily apparent, but struck me nonetheless as I investigated, is that everyone of these boots…

…is made in China.

Every one of them.

You cannot buy hiking boots at REI without buying Chinese product.

I didn’t buy any boots though, I bought a new backpack.

I dug inside and found the tag:

Made in Vietnam. Yeah!



2 thoughts on “Retail in America

  1. Brenner

    Hey Norb, I believe, but I haven’t checked the tags, Zamberlan boots are still made in Italy. And if you’re buying footware, nothing beats Italian!!! 🙂 Still have one more day for 20% online! I’m assuming you used your “in store” 20% on your pack. Good luck on the boots.

    1. Yep, used the 20% in store.
      Boots can wait a turn. But didn’t know about Zamberlan and where they were made. I will check!I am a very finnicky shoe buyer, since I wear orthotics, so I cannot buy shoes online… Need to touch, try, and many end up not fitting right. Thanks for the hint, though, now you have me stumped and I need to check my facts.

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