The Long Life of Seed of Light

At the recommendation of a friend I just bought a used book, Seed of Light by Edmund Cooper, through Amazon.

It was published, copyright 1959, by Ballentine Books. It originally cost $0.75. It was owned by one Joseph T. at XXX W. Fairmount St, Pontiac, MI 48055 [name and address withheld by me on purpose]. Then it was stamped by the Hegira Drug Center, 27755 Michigan Ave, Inkster, MI 48141. Eventually it made it to me via Big Mitten Books, LLC of Grand Rapids, MI 49252. I paid $1.25 for it plus $3.99 shipping and handling. Big Mitten paid $1.98 to the post office to ship it.

This is just what I can gather from it. How many times has it changed hands since 1959? It obviously spent some time in Michigan. Was it elsewhere? It’s going to be in one of my boxes eventually, until I decide what to do next with by Bookses in Boxes.

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