Visiting JFK’s Assassination Site

After reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63, I found renewed interest in the JFK assassination.

I was in Dallas this week and I had an hour of daylight to spare, so I drove by. I didn’t have enough time to park and visit the 6th Floor Museum, which closes at 6:00pm. I could only drive by.

When I got there, I waited at the traffic light before the slight embankment down, next to the building. When it was green I had no choice but to go with traffic. The road is much narrower, and the entire environment is more cramped than I had anticipated. I quickly glimpsed the white X on the road in the middle lane where JFK died before I drove right over it, slipped into the underpass and seconds later was on the freeway (no escape in heavy traffic). I now know to come next time with plenty of time to park and visit the museum.

I will definitely come back.

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