Facebook Valuation

Facebook gets a lot of press right now about its expected $100 billion valuation.  There are a reported 850 million users. 150 million of those are in the United States. The other 700 million are spread around the rest of the world. About half of all Facebook users log in daily. I am one of those.

I have never paid anything to Facebook or bought anything off Facebook. If Facebook were to charge for its services, I’d stop using it. I have never really noticed any ads on Facebook and I don’t remember ever clicking on one, but I am sure I probably did subconsciously at times.

If Facebook is worth $100 billion, that means every Facebook user is worth $117.64. I don’t think I am worth $117 to Facebook, but somebody thinks I am.

We now talk about the dotcom bubble that burst in March of 2000. When will we talk about the Facebook bubble?

Of course, the founders, the employees and the original investors will do just fine. I am not sure there is a huge difference between $20 billion or $1 billion. It’s a lot of money. Nice job.

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