Sports Blackouts

I don’t watch any sports, on TV or in person. But I get to observe fans around me. This weekend, the San Diego Chargers game is “blacked out” on TV in San Diego, presumably because the stadium didn’t fill up. I was just at the bank downstairs, and all the tellers are wearing Chargers shirts, and everyone is moping and disappointed because the can’t see the game on TV and they can’t afford to go to the stadium.

This must be the single dumbest marketing idea in business. Sports teams are absolutely dependent on their fans. They need to keep the fire going. They need to win, create enthusiasm and excitement. Here is a sports team that is lame enough that it can’t fill its own, comparatively small stadium of only 70,000 seats in San Diego, the 6th largest city of the United States. For comparison, Green Bay is a cow pasture, but the wait list for season tickets is decades long.

And now, since they can’t fill up the stadium because they can’t create enthusiasm, they are sticking it to the fans again by blacking the game out of television. Killing more enthusiasm. Pissing more fans off. Does that make sense?

That would be like the Rolling Stones pulling all  their songs off iTunes when people don’t come to the live shows anymore.

It’s called commercial suicide.

With all this, the team wonders why the people of San Diego keep voting not to build a new billion dollar stadium?

2 thoughts on “Sports Blackouts

  1. Trisha

    OMG a sports entry! And you got all of the analogies correct, and even noticed the charger jerseys the tellers were wearing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I even sensed a touch of empathy here.

    What’s next… Can we need to attend another live game?!. Once every 7 years isn’t bad. Christmas is just around the corner you know……

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