Try and buy a T-shirt at Sears that is not made in China.

Try and buy ANYTHING at Wal-Mart that is not made in China.

Go to REI and check out their clothing. It’s made in China.

We don’t make anything anymore in America. Ok, we make airplanes, but Airbus is kicking our butts. We make cars, but Toyota and Hyundai and a dozen other companies are kicking our butts. We make software, some, anyway. But we don’t make enough.

I listened to David Zach, a futurist, recently, at a conference. He said we are outsourcing three things in this country:

  1. Baby boomers never want to pay full retail for anything, so in effect we are outsourcing our future.
  2. We outsource our labor issues.
  3. We outsource our pollution.

And we pay dearly for it. But much more dearly than we, our children will pay for it. Their American Dream is going to be much more difficult to achieve than ours was.

Where is mine?

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