All My Books

Over a lifetime, I have collected books, stored them, sold many in garage sales, given many away, donated books to libraries. Usually I have not had anywhere near enough room in the house for bookshelves to keep them all. I’d need a small library. I don’t know how many there are left. I’d have to count them. Here are the boxes in the garage that contain those books that I have considered worth keeping in 40 years of collecting and that are not on my shelves in the house now:

And here are all the 45 new books that I have bought and read since January 2010.

I have all of them with me all the time. I carried them to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and more importantly, back up. I took them all with me on my trip into the Emigrant Wilderness.

 When we last moved, the boxes took major lifting but the books in the Kindle got moved and I didn’t even notice.

All that is good.

Except, what do I do when Amazon, one day, goes out of business?

3 thoughts on “All My Books

    1. Your comment is SCARY. I am a real grownup at 55, and when I was 18, I used to say that the first house I’d live in on my own would have a library room. I have lived in many houses, and I still don’t have a library room. I really don’t even have enough room in my garage for these boxes. So, choir girl, get a library room now, because you “gotta catch your dreams before they run away.”

  1. Eric Petrie

    The most frightening picture and post I have seen on your Blog, Norbie. All those books packed in boxes, unopened, unused, contrasted with a little electronic machine. It’s a living nightmare, Norbert. No wonder the lights went out in San Diego. These are the end times.

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